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 Amazing High-Demand Alpine Sports Inside Your Studio, Centre, Venue or Resort. Skiing  ~  Snowboarding  ~  Sledging  ~  Snow Biking

The best indoor, endless alpine ski slopes for your business

Indoor Endless Activity Sports

inside your venue

Multi Sport Tracks

Alpine Ski Slopes

Unique alpine ski surface has 50% more glide & slide

Our slopes have a unique surface with an integrated, automatic surface conditioning system. Every inch of the surface is condition-perfect, and significantly more glidey and slidey than any other slope on the market. It means the customer has better feeling, skiing, turning and movement experience.

The first endless slope on which you can use your own kit & sharp edged skis

Other slopes are damaged by sharp edge ski equipment, and that’s meant that they only allow you to use their own skis which are ‘de-tuned’ so they have rounded ski edges.

Our slopes have a unique surface and conditioning system that allows you to use sharp edged ski equipment, and to use your own kit.

The only slope with 35Kmh speed option which is essential for carve turning

The ‘standard’ endless indoor slope on the market has a maximum revolving surface speed of 25Kmh.

However, intermediate, advanced and elite skiers needs speeds of over 30Kmh for carve turning.

Our slopes are the first & only slopes with 35Kmh option.



The only ski slope with multi direction gradients, steep, left & right

Digitally controlled speed and vertical gradient are the key elements of creating perfect green, blue and red skiing surface on our indoor slopes.

Our Direction slopes have a unique, patented, side tilt function.

That is a Black & Double Diamond Black slope setting!

More safety features than any other indoor endless ski slope

Our slopes have automatic shut-down sensors if you fall over, reducing the risk of operator error.

Panel controls and remote controls are provided as standard for the operator .

The first slope that has features to excite & engage competent & elite  

It’s the first time intermediate, advanced and elite skiers and boarders can be tested indoors.

They are a new and best customer sector for your business.

The equipment has unique client session screen & design aesthetics

Our slopes have a unique screen showing  duration, speed, & gradient. You can feed this data to your online & social media.

Our slopes have great aesthetics for your venue.

The Best UK & EU Sales & Service, Best Prices & Best Warranty, Guaranteed

Our slopes have a unique UK & EU Sales Invoice Warranty includes 3 years’ parts & labour, and 5’ years’ alpine surface guarantee.

We are the only supplier to offer a Lifetime Service Arrangement.

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